• The Mighty Mouse Pulsar

    The most luminous accreting pulsar ever

    Pulsation detected from an ultraluminous X-ray source unequivocally identify it as a neutron star.

  • NuSTAR Timing

    NuSTAR aperiodic timing made simple

    In this paper we show how to perform aperiodic timing with NuSTAR data, overcoming the effects of dead time.

  • Medium-sized or small black holes? Probably the second, says NuSTAR.

    In this article we show that the spectra of ultraluminous X-ray sources are curved at high X-ray energies, as one would expect from black holes accreting at very high rates rather than intermediate-mass black holes accreting at normal rates. This is the first of a series of papers on the subject by our Team.